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We are proud to announce our newest version of the Cloudneeti Security and Compliance Management Solution for Azure. This new improvement to the Cloudneeti represents a major leap in our capabilities by add continuous security and compliance monitoring for Azure resources across multiple subscriptions, regions and service all from a centralized view. We have collaborated with organizations who have embraced cloud, we listened to our customer challenges and built first of its kind cloud native solution that meets their needs today and in the future. We are leveraging our experience in the industry to offer a functionally rich solution which can be setup and configured very quickly.


With the advent of cloud, enterprises have moved quickly to take advantage of the cost savings, flexibility and scalability that the cloud had to offer, although adoption was hampered by concerns around security, provider trust, and how best to maintain control of data. Today, organizations leveraging the cloud as part of their critical business infrastructure are no longer an exception to the rule. Organizations and government agencies that have moved to the cloud are still trying to fully grasp the unique differences and requirements for compliance, while the lack of skilled cloud resources has further compounded the problem.

There is a level of complexity associated with the cloud architecture, tools and frameworks that require organizations to go through a learning curve to get to the same level of transparency. The concept of continuous risk and compliance monitoring has gained wide acceptance in many public and private organizations. Losses, breaches, cyber fraud penetrating “certified and compliant” networks has highlighted the shortcomings of “snapshot” audits. Proactive and continuous assessments of their cloud infrastructure has been demanded of today’s practitioners.

What is becoming clearer is the need for automation in dynamic, cloud centric environments.



Introducing first of its kind continuous governance and compliance management solution on Azure. Cloudneeti offers out of the box solution to continuously evaluate your security and compliance posture –

  • Spot vulnerabilities with reference to security policies,
  • Provide remediation guidance against cyberattacks/threats,
  • Provide architecture and operations guidance against best practices
  • Provides evidence for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements especially when there’s continuous change happening internal (by your devops teams) and external (by Azure platform) to your Azure assets.

Businesses can manage the risk posture comprehensively for the Azure assets platform in a matter of minutes. The product uses various analytics (heuristics and predictive) and learning models – by scanning configurations and metadata of your deployed Azure services and render visually rich executive dashboards with actionable insights.

Attacks on cloud environments are becoming more rampant, automated and sophisticated every day. The depth and breadth of these attacks will continue to increase as the value of data being stored in the cloud grows, driving the need to accelerate the automated risk monitoring efforts. Without continuous monitoring, alerting and incident response capabilities in place, the defence options will struggle to give the desired impact.

Cloudneeti provides various benchmarks as prescriptive guidance for establishing a secure configuration posture of IT Infrastructure and Services, including a detailed description and rationale of potential vulnerabilities together with clear auditing and remediation steps.

Industry specific benchmarks allows customers to enact on security holes, for Auditors to collect evidence data for their assessments and to Managed Service providers in advising/running security operations, thus helping secure and compliant adoption of public cloud adoption initiatives.


3      WHAT’S NEW?

New Industry Benchmarks

Cloudneeti June 2017 release has introduced new benchmarks for

  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation useful for Azure customers operating in Europe, but not limited to, satisfying EU data protection regulations starting from May 2018.
  • NIST CSF: National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework – useful for organizations trying to measure their cybersecurity efforts against the NIST CSF standards
  • NIST SP 800-53 r4: National Institute of Standards and Technology SP 800-53 Rev. 4– useful for Federal agencies as well as organizations working with various governmental projects
  • Cybersecurity Foundations: Cybersecurity Benchmark for Azure foundations – a preliminary benchmark for foundational Azure services that we are working with the security teams to make it a standard for Azure.

Updated Features

In addition, we have updated the benchmark controls for

  • Industry Benchmarks: The updated signatures introduced are for Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Virtual Machines (VMs).
    • PCI-DSS 3.2: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 3.2 – useful for Organizations dealing with payment card information or trying to meet controls around reducing general security and fraud risks.
    • HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – useful for organization trying to meet Healthcare, and other health safety standards.

  • Collaborate from centralized Dashboard making it possible for IT teams to quickly distribute information about key security vulnerabilities directly to product owners or teams
  • Ability to enable/disable policies inline with the Azure resource and services being deployed from the larger umbrella of policies for every Azure resources

With just few clicks for configuration, enterprises can get real-time report on the compliance with various global benchmarks widely accepted. Actionable insights can be collaborated with users across the organization for remediation.


Multiple Subscription Monitoring

Multiple subscription monitoring has been enabled thus giving a control to govern risk posture across the spectrum of subscriptions with centralized dashboards.

Integrated Collaboration

Many of you told us that you would like to increase a level of data transparency by sharing information.

Cloudneeti now supports in-built collaboration with team members, decision makers and Executives in the pursuit of data and remediation transparencies.

Improved Signup Experiences

Workflows have been streamlined for adding and managing subscriptions with feedback on each stage and user-friendly messages.

Improved Dashboards

Per your feedback, we have Improved security and compliance posture analysis via Subscription dashboards. We will continue to enhance these dashboards for better aggregation and analysis.


New Azure Marketplace SKUs

Wide range of SKUs are available with this release of Cloudneeti. Clients can choose among the different SKU i.e. Enterprise, Standard PCI, Standard HPIAA, Standard GDPR & Basic. Enterprise a superset of all what all the other SKU offer and has the support for maximum number of subscription and active directory.

Few of you have asked about various purchasing options. Try out or Purchase Cloudneeti from Azure Marketplace.

Cloudneeti offers the most comprehensive security audits for Azure, continuously scanning of all Azure assets for security risks.

Enjoy the cloud governance made easy for you.