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Enterprises of all categories i.e. small, medium and large enterprises are moving to cloud driven by the agility, reliability and improved cost benefits. Even though Public cloud service provider runs data centres more efficiently and effectively than on premise data centres, and offer security tools with granular controls, cloud security is still an overwhelming concern. The concern is aggravated with evolving platforms and moving parts with can result in oversights and error.

Today, organizations leveraging the cloud as part of their critical business infrastructure are no longer an exception to the rule. Organizations are putting sensitive and critical workload to the cloud. Cloud environment has a mix of sanctioned and unsanctioned applications, sending data inside and outside the organization is not uncommon. Enterprises are worried about data breaches, who is accessing their data and who modified the data in the cloud. Data security is a major concern followed by IAM (Identity and Access Management) and compliance. To address such specific security concerns, we see a plethora of point tools available in the market place today from Cloud Service Provider. Implementing these tools however can prove daunting. These point tools are effective from a specific vulnerability however it is piece meal solution to the large cloud security concern. Cloud security is a shared responsibility model. Enterprises are focused on end to end security by establishing and enforcing strict policies and processes. Executive leadership and Security practitioners are demanding visibility into security and compliance posture. This is driving the demands for solutions supporting proactive and continuous assessments of their cloud infrastructure.

Cloudneeti Security and Compliance Management Solution for Microsoft Azure make vulnerabilities and misconfiguration apparent in minutes with reference to security policies on rich dashboards along with guidance to remediation for threats.

Azure customers are enabled with comprehensive security and compliance insights for all the Azure assets in a matter of minutes. Out of the box reports with global benchmarks such PCI DSS, HPIAA, GDPR, NIST 800-53, NIST CSF and GDPR.



Cloud is a dynamic environment which continues to evolve, new security risks will be identified and need to be protected. Cloudneeti gives you the lever to take control as keep tab on all new risks uncovered on Azure.

Try out our latest release of Cloudneeti available on the Azure market place.