We’ve heard our customers, and we’re taking action !

we’re proud to announce a set of improvements to the Cloudneeti to meet your Cloud Assurance needs. Like last time, all these enhancements are in response to the great feedback we’ve received from customers. We’re very grateful for your feedback and look forward to more of it!

Here’s a quick summary of the main changes

  • New policies: Added new policies that span across multiple Industry benchmarks for SQL Data warehouse, NSGs, CosmosDB and Office 365 configurations
  • New and Updated Dashboards: As a CISO/IT Manager, you will get aggregated insights across Azure and Office365 resources, provides addressable policies and compliance status across all regions of deployment.
  • Updates to Benchmark pages: All Benchmark pages have been updated with scorecard information and filtering of policies.
  • Release of Test Drive to Azure Marketplace: Now there’s an easier way for eager customers to try out Cloudneeti before you decide to buy.

Enjoy the details below

1. Addition of new policies:

Added new policies for SQL Data warehouse, Network Security Groups (NSGs), CosmosDB and Office 365 security and compliance. Highlighted are some examples.

2. Dashboards:

2.1  Cloud Resources Dashboard

This dashboard showcases the security posture of the Azure and Office365 (if associated to the Azure AD) in with summaries available at the resource types, scorecard for addressable policies, Azure subscriptions and daily risk trends. Scorecard shows you total how many policies are addressable and how many of them are adhering to security best practices and any potential shortcomings. Displays risks trends (DoD) for various cloud resource types.

2.2  Azure Subscription Dashboard

2.3  Office 365 Security and Compliance Dashboard

The most common concern raised by customers is that a member of their organization became the victim of a phishing scam and the attacker obtained the password for their account, working online puts them at risk, how to determine whether your Office 365 account has been compromised. We recognized these risks and understands the need for our customers to have control over their security settings.

Office 365 security & compliance is tied to the Azure AD tenant and is available to any Office 365 Business Premium or Enterprise subscription holders, as long as you have administrative privileges. Checking your scorecards on a regular basis helps you figure what you are doing vs. not doing in order to protect your data. With Cloudneeti, you can still view the security insights without administrative privileges as long as you have O365 subscription associated with the Azure AD tenant. There will be no special configuration necessary for activating this service.

3. Updates to all Benchmark pages

3.1  Scorecards and Addressable policies

All Industry benchmarks dashboard pages will now show the list of addressable policies as well as a stacked bar-graph showing the counts of policies based on their severity /compliance status.

3.2  Filtering

Some of reported out to us that there are lots of resources and resource types in your subscription and it was difficult for you to get to the appropriate non-compliant resources.

Well, with this release, we are introducing Resource filters, allowing you to filter by Resource types, Threats, Policy status and a few more depending on which screen you go to.

3.3  Details blade (UX)

Unification of Azure and O365 policy details are now shown in a separate blade.


3.4  Segregation of Security Benchmarks and Compliance Industry Standards

4. Releasing Cloudneeti Test Drive on Azure Marketplace

You get pre-provisioned and ready to go environment with a sample Azure and Office 365 subscription. To try the product click Test Drive

5. Product Information

Enhancement into Product Information page, this gives you the ability to view features associated to your SKU (highlighted) as well as the addressable policies against each benchmark.

6. Last scanning status

Introduced a separate page to let you know about the last successful scan information. This page will display last scan run status, time and number of policies that were executed.


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