Healthcare organizations are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) as the next digital frontier to accelerate outcomes and drive profit margins. With cloud as the preferred option for flexibility and the ability to rapidly create and deploy highly complex environments with relatively minimal effort, these organizations are challenged to establish and maintain security and compliance.

Enterprises leverage DevOps continuous deployment for the ability to deploy changes into production quickly, but there can still be a risk to maintaining a secure and compliant posture.  Also, another question arises: How can organizations maintain the security and compliance in the exceptionally well-designed healthcare blueprint Azure environment once it starts to change over time?

This is where Cloudneeti comes in. Cloudneeti is a cybersecurity and compliance assurance product for Microsoft Azure and Office 365 workloads and is a great fit for meeting the needs of the healthcare industry for such workloads.

                   Cloudneeti dashboard for HIPAA security and compliance monitoring of  Azure workloads

Cloudneeti’s engine provides a necessary and invaluable function for customers by continuously monitoring for cloud assurance. With Cloudneeti organizations can:

  • Monitor adherence to Health Industry laws & frameworks such as HIPAA, CIS, NIST CSF.
  • Ensure new deployments meet security and compliance best-practices.
  • View detailed insights for Security & Compliance Configurations.
  • Obtain remediation recommendations to fix non-compliant resources

Cloudneeti helps your organization maintain secure and compliant Azure and Office 365 workloads.

Check out Cloudneeti on the Azure Marketplace HERE (free trial available), or reach out to our sales team at