Updates to PCI DSS Dashboards

In the last few months, especially soon after the release of Azure Blueprint for PCI DSS environments, many customers requested for an executive Scorecard like Dashboard depicting the compliance posture at the PCI DSS requirements.

We heard it from the CISOs and the IT Directors that although the previous dashboard, which was pivoted towards the specific resource categories like Storage, Networking, Compute etc, was helpful for the DevOps teams, it did not give them enough visibility on the compliance posture. We heard you !

With a recent release, we have now updated the dashboard as well the policy mapping to reflect a more accurate reflection of the PCI DSS requirements.


Cloudneeti PCI DSS 3.2 Dashboard

New PCI DSS Dashboard pivoted to reflect the Domain/Requirements

For our existing customers, we will start the rolling updates and have them completed in a few days. For the new / inquisitive ones,  Try out at www.cloudneeti.com

Tell us what you think.

Stay Secure ! Stay Compliant !!

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