Baseline your Cybersecurity Posture and Governance Controls for Microsoft Azure workloads

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SEATTLE,WA,8-May-2018 – At Microsoft Build 2018 Conference, CLOUDNEETI, an ISV unit of Avyan Corp, announced today that it has launched two assessments – (1) Cloud Workload Cybersecurity Assessment and (2) Cloud Governance Assessment, both are 3-weeks, fixed price, fixed scope service offering for Microsoft Azure workloads. Through this marketplace offering, Cloudneeti offers a unique cybersecurity and Governance assessment coverage for your Microsoft cloud workloads.

Microsoft Azure helps Cloudneeti deliver solutions that allow customers to focus more on their business and less on managing servers. Cloudneeti’s Cloud Workload Cybersecurity Assessment offering helps Organizations baseline their Cloud Security Posture, especially critical for the industries with regulated workloads. It allows customers to take advantage of the flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability that Microsoft Azure provides.”  said Hector Rodriguez, Worldwide Chief Information Security Officer for Health Industry at Microsoft Corp.

Digital business transformation is changing the way businesses around the globe engage, interact, and sell to its potential and existing customers.  Applications built on new cloud infrastructures, like their predecessors, require security and compliance validation. A breach could compromise business data or damage their brand or reputation.

Cloudneeti’s Cloud Governance Assessment provides a cloud expert review and advise to organizations on decision-making processes, criteria and policies involved in the planning, architecture. Cloudneeti’s Cloud Workload Cybersecurity assessment helps organizations discover, govern, and enforce security and compliance policies for Microsoft Azure and O365.

Organizations can take advantage of the assessment offerings to proactively assess the security posture of the workloads deployed on Azure and prepare themselves to a smoother cloud adoption journey.

Cloudneeti continues to forge ahead in delivering on its commitment to Cloud Workload Assurance. With the newly launched 3-week assessment offering, we are adding on to the automated workload assurance product offerings. Together, we hope to provide our customers the confidence they need to run better, faster, and more securely in the cloud.” said Gururaj Pandurangi, CEO and Founder of Cloudneeti.


Cloudneeti, a business unit of Avyan Corp, a global leader in Cloud Workload Assurance, is a privately held company headquartered in Redmond, WA, USA with offices and development centers in US, India and Eastern Europe, enables organizations to accelerate cloud adoption by proactively managing their security and compliance posture natively.  Leveraging native cloud APIs, Cloudneeti solves the challenges of managing security and compliance by providing instant visibility of cloud security posture, active validation of cloud configuration & compliance, and ongoing governance of cloud assets.