Many of you asked for new version of Cloudneeti to explore and experience the product on your own free time.

We are happy to announce the updated Test Drive for Cloudneeti , giving you the ability to deploy and see all the new features hands-on which will help you make the right decision.

Cloudneeti Azure Marketplace Test Drive is a friction-free, ready to go environment that allows you to experience a product for free (no credit card is needed) without needing an Azure subscription. You get a pre-provisioned environment, you don’t have to download, set up or configure the product and can instead spend your time on evaluating the user experience, key features, and benefits of the product. We provide you a sample Azure and Office 365 subscription to evaluate security and compliance insights using Cloudneeti.

Explore new features in Cloudneeti

  • CIS Benchmark: CIS Benchmarks delivers 100% coverage all specifications as listed by CIS specifications for Azure.
  • HIPAA & PCIDSS: Delivers direct mapping to compliance definitions for security and compliance insights.
  • Policies: New policies added across multiple Industry benchmarks for HDInsight’s and Data Lakes, Service Fabric, Azure Functions, Machine Learning.
  • Authorization and Authentication: Share the work of security across the organisation using different inbuilt role based to provide the right level of access to Cloudneeti Dashboards and Reports.
  • Improved Signup Flows: The subscription management workflow now supports add storage location for storing security and compliance reports as mandated by various compliances.
  • Tenant and Subscription Management: The user experience has been simplified so Tenant and Subscription can be managed independently of each other.

CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark 1.0.0

This benchmarks enables automated assessment of CIS Azure Foundations Benchmark v1.0.0 specification.  The dashboards have detailed reports aligned to benchmark classification for easy mapping and readability. The security posture is available with in minutes along with current and daily trends.

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

As we worked with Industry leading CISOs, Compliance Advisors and IT Directors, we learned that most want to get the same information but the levels of information are different. We are taking a series of improvements to that end.

  1. Scorecard at Compliance Category levels: Pivot the dashboard towards Compliance categories. We heard you! Please find the below details.
  2. More Coverage: HIPAA Dashboard are aligned to controls, more Azure Resource Providers, more more..We heard you! Please find the below details.
  3. Drill down to Azure Resource Providers and specific Azure Resources: Although the policy titles and recommendations state the resource providers, you are telling us to add explicit filters for Azure Resources Providers. Watch this space for more on this



We heard it from the CISOs and the IT Directors that although the previous dashboard, which was pivoted towards the specific resource categories like Storage, Networking, Compute etc, was helpful for the DevOps teams. We heard you ! Now the benchmarks deliver inline with the policy mapping to reflect a more accurate reflection of the PCI DSS requirements.


CSA Cloud Control Matrix Benchmarks

Cloudneeti introduce CSA CCM benchmark providing fundamental security principles  in assessing the overall security risk of cloud platform. strengthens existing information security control environments by emphasizing business information security control requirements, reduces and identifies consistent security threats and vulnerabilities in the cloud.

Additional Policies

Added new 80+ policies across HDInsight, DDoS protection, NoSQL DBs (CosmosDB), SQL Datawarehouse, Data Lakes, Service Fabric.

Highlighted some of them below.

Inbuilt Roles:

Cloudneeti now support new inbuilt roles such as License Administrator, Subscription Administrator and Subscription reader. Holistically manage security and compliance by your Azure resources by sharing the responsibility using in-built roles.

Historical Reports

Open and view historical reports of using “Download Reports” option on all the  compliance dashboards. Organization can now evidence reports of auditing and compliance mandates.

Tenant Management

“Manage Azure AD Tenant” enables management of Tenant, conveniently add, modify and delete Tenant via the interface.

Manage Azure Subscription

Register Azure subscription for security and compliance monitoring or manage the configuration setting of registered subscriptions.

Configure Reports Persistence

Customers requested persisting a snapshot of keeping a historical evidences of continuous compliance. We now offer a step in the configuration wizard, with additional configuration options for persistent storage of reports for a snaphot of compliance evidence.

Product Information

To get started with a Test Drive

Clicking on the test drive link instantly provides you a Cloudneeti product instance to play with. Once provisioned, the Test Drive will be available for a limited time, typically an hour. After the Test Drive is over, you will receive an email with the instructions to purchase or continue using the product.

In a hands-on lab format, you will configure the test drive which will kickstart a scan of a pre-provisioned Azure and Office 365 subscription. In a few minutes you will be presented with various dashboards listing out cloud assets and vulnerabilities across the environment. You will get into the details of 3 use-cases across SQL Server, Storage and Virtual Machines. Of course, you are free to snoop around and learn about all the other best practices.

If you like what you see and you decide to deploy Cloudneeti to your Azure Subscription, you can click on “Get it now” button on the Azure Marketplace

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