Simplify DevSecOps with Azure Security Center Playbooks and Cloudneeti’s Continuous Security Assurance

SEATTLE, August 6, 2018, First appeared on

Enterprises are turning to the cloud to reinvent their applications and take advantage of new deployment strategies. The agility that public cloud provides offers the fastest path to digital business transformation. Cloud workloads offers excellent scalability, ease of deployment, and convenience. Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and the customer. The sensitive data stored in the cloud will need proper security and compliance controls to protect, prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

Avyan Corp today announced it worked with the Microsoft Azure Security Center team to build attack simulation and mitigation playbooks available as posted on the MSDN blog.

Cloudneeti was used as a validation engine throughout the development and DevSecOps lifecycle of the security playbooks, encouraging day-to-day improvement and assurance of security posture across the four newly release playbooks (1) VM-Virus-Attack (2) SQL-Injection-Attack-WebApp (3) XSS-Attack-WebApp (4) DDoS-Attack-Public IP.

“Cloudneeti’s auto-discovery and continuous security and validation engine allows financial institutions to protect assets, infrastructure, and information by strengthening the institution’s defensive posture through continuous and automated monitoring through collaborative efforts across various teams within the organization.” -said Gururaj Pandurangi, CEO and Founder, Cloudneeti

Azure security playbooks enable Azure customers to learn about hardening best practices, defensive configurations, and what to look for should a real attack occur.  Security automation within the software development lifecycle helps us ship our code faster and at a higher quality.


“Avyan Corp’s Cloudneeti’s automated Microsoft Cloud workloads validation solution uses the Microsoft Azure Security Center to provide confidence and insights for Azure customers.  The combination of these tools allows enterprises to focus more on their business while efficiently managing the risks in the cloud.”

– said Adwait Joshi, Director of Marketing, Azure Security Center

Cloudneeti, a business unit of Avyan Corp, a global leader in Cloud Workload Assurance, a privately held company headquartered in Redmond, WA, USA with offices and development centers in US, India and Eastern Europe, enables organizations to accelerate cloud adoption by proactively managing their security and compliance posture natively. Leveraging native cloud APIs, Cloudneeti solves the challenges of managing security and compliance by providing instant visibility of cloud security posture, active validation of cloud configuration & compliance, and ongoing governance of cloud assets.

Cloudneeti is available on the Azure Marketplace. Try Cloudneeti at