Cloudneeti vision is to replace manual security and compliance, risk management and data privacy processes with a digital governance platform.

Cloudneeti was formed as a company in July 2017 with a mission to eliminate cloud security risks for companies moving into public cloud. The leadership team brought together decades of expertise in building large scale cloud services, securing cloud infrastructure and migrating applications to public cloud. The team had a clear recognition that traditional approaches to security and compliance are slowing down cloud adoption and require different processes and tools to match the speed and agility of cloud infrastructure. These problems simply had to be fixed!

Cloud brings the needed standardization and APIs to enable automated data collection of actual cloud infrastructure configurations. By comparing these actual configurations with defined security and compliance standards, a software can provide instant visibility into security and compliance posture. Static and dynamic assignment of risk impact and risk likelihood values for each security policy provides clear prioritization of risks and serves as an automated input into technology section of the overall company risk management. Data privacy disciplines such as data classification, data security and consent management can be converted into automated and end to end streamlined processes.

Cloudneeti is becoming an industry standard for risk assessments, cloud security assurance, continuous compliance monitoring, transforming DevOps into DevSecOps.

The company put significant investments in developing its world class product for cloud security and compliance assurance. The team initially developed a VM based solution, published it on Azure Marketplace in October 2017, worked with multiple co-innovation customers to gather additional requirements and added a number of comprehensive new features. Cloudneeti released its SaaS product in November 2018 and quickly gained interest in the marketplace with its ease of use, comprehensive coverage of multiple compliance frameworks, advanced integration features to support end to end process of monitoring and maintaining the desired security posture. From October 2019 Cloudneeti SaaS product is available on Azure Marketplace.

Cloudneeti is an innovator in cloud security with a cloud native approach of leveraging existing cloud service provider’s capabilities and building of the top of it.

Cloudneeti product is pulling all available information about cloud security best practices and OS baselines natively from cloud service providers. The product extends these capabilities with a large number of complementary security policies, compliance mapping, integration capabilities, remediation guidance and auto-remediations.

The product has the most advanced cloud architecture using serverless and NoSQL database, allowing immense multi-tenant scalability across thousands of customers, while shortening the time needed for data collection from hours to minutes. It’s agentless, API based approach to data collection means easy integration with customer’s cloud infrastructure that can be done in a matter of minutes. Data collection even for large cloud account with over thousand of resources takes typically less than 5 minutes.

Cloudneeti is an active contributor of cloud security best practices to leading cybersecurity benchmarks, an active industry player building and expanding secure Infrastructure as Code repositories.

Cloudneeti is a Gartner recognized vendor and a SOC 2 compliant organization. The Cloudneeti product is certified by Center for Internet Security (CIS) and is available on on Azure Marketplace. Cloudneeti is a Microsoft Azure certified partner and is a member of AWS Partner Network (APN).


Gartner is tracking Cloudneeti as a vendor in Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) segment. The Gartner Research “Innovation Insight for Cloud Security Posture Management” was published in January 2019.


Cloudneeti SaaS product is compliant with SOC 2 standards covering applicable Trust Services Criteria (Principles) for data security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality. Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2), developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), is an attestation by independent third-party auditor. The SOC 2 Type 1 report is available to customers who have signed nondisclosure agreements with Cloudneeti.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Cloudneeti is certified Microsoft Gold Partner. Our team clearly demonstrated technical competencies on Microsoft platform and we have a long-term history of jointly engaging with customers.

Microsoft Azure Certified

Cloudneeti SaaS product is available on Azure Marketplace with integrated time-based trials and usage-based billing. The product is a Microsoft Azure Certified – the highest quality assurance that the application has been tested for readiness and compatibility with the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Azure’s worldwide customer base can try and buy the product, while subscription charges will be included in a single invoice along with other Azure services.

CIS Certified

Cloudneeti product has been awarded CIS Security Software Certification for the following CIS Benchmark(s): Amazon Web Services Foundations v1.2.0, Microsoft Azure Foundations v1.0.0, Microsoft Azure Foundations v1.1.0, and Microsoft 365 Foundations v1.0.0. CIS® (Center for Internet Security, Inc.) is a non-profit entity that harnesses the power of a global IT community to safeguard private and public organizations against cyber threats. CIS Benchmarks are developed and continuously refined by a global community of cybersecurity experts and provide proven configuration guidelines for various technology groups.