Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can differentiate on the market by offering continuous security and compliance assurance for their managed cloud workloads. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can expand their business with security posture assurance, a must-have component of cloud security.

Cloud Security Assessment

Secure configuration of cloud workload is the responsibility of the managed services provider. Customers want to see proof of their potential MSP competency in that respect.

Cloudneeti enables its MSP partners with a demo environment to demonstrate product capabilities to potential customers. MSPs can use the product to conduct a one-time assessment of the customer’s existing cloud environment to demonstrate its competency and engage the customer in a dialog about potential areas of improvement.

Cloud Security Assurance

MSPs must ensure that the management of cloud workloads is done in a secure way. Cloud security posture assurance is a must-have for any cloud environment as a primary mechanism to prevent security breaches.

With Cloudneeti, MSPs can easily assess the environment to provide visibility to their customers into the current state of the environment and then work with the customer to determine the target security baseline. This triggers a remediation project to bring the managed cloud environment on par with the set baseline. The ongoing monitoring of the environment as part of the outsourced Security Operations Centre (SOC) can quickly discover any deviations from baseline in the production environment. Remediation tasks are then quickly assigned to infrastructure engineers to remediate and return the environment to a compliant state.

Cloud Compliance Assurance

MSP customers in regulated industries require proof of compliance. Managed cloud infrastructure should meet all requirements specified in the respective compliance frameworks, laws or regulations.

With Cloudneeti, MSPs can offer continuous compliance assurance services to their customers in regulated industries. This expands the number of potential customers and repositions the MSP on the top of the managed services maturity curve.


MSPs who offer DevOps services such as deployment automation for their cloud environments need to adopt the DevSecOps model, which enables security left-shift and allows it to catch misconfigurations prior to releasing the latest build into the production environment.

Cloudneeti allows a quick scan of development and test environment to discover any deviations from the set baseline. When deployment automation is integrated into CI/CD pipelines, a rescan can be triggered automatically through an API call to Cloudneeti product.