Cloudneeti – 60 Second Tour

Cloudneeti automates security and compliance in the cloud, delivering continuous visibility and enforcing adherence to the most comprehensive set of security policies and compliance frameworks.

Unprecedented breadth and depth of security policies coverage

Cloudneeti manages security posture for cloud resources, OS baselines and SaaS applications across multiple cloud service providers.

Market leading security and compliance coverage

Cloudneeti offers the most comprehensive set of predefined security policies, data privacy standards and compliance controls for multiple cybersecurity and industry benchmarks, law and regulations.

Product Features

Cloudneeti product enables administration of users and cloud accounts, governance of security policies and compliance frameworks, meta-data collection from cloud service providers. The product provides visibility into security, compliance and risk posture, enforces standards with remediation guidance, auto-remediations and integrations with customer’s IT systems.

Product Features

Deployment Architecture

Cloudneeti enables Single Sign On, connects to cloud service providers for meta-data collection and auto-remediations, integrates with customer’s IT systems for closed loop remediation cycle.

Deployment Architecture

Product Screenshots

Cloudneeti offers easy to use dashboards, views and reports.