Risk Advisors

Risk Advisors can execute comprehensive cloud security assessments and prepare their enterprise customers for continuous compliance assurance.

Security Assessments

Risk advisors enable their customers to become more resilient in the face of persistent cybersecurity attacks. Clients are looking for services and technology solutions to maintain the viability and success of their businesses. Accurate assessment of security posture requires good architectural understanding of the cloud environment architecture, design, configuration and operations. Typically, this work relies on information collected mostly manually and some tool-based reports.

Cloudneeti becomes an essential component of the security tooling required for a comprehensive assessment. It accomplishes a detailed scan of cloud environment configurations within a few minutes and provides instant reports on compliance with the most commonly used security frameworks such as NIST, CIS, and CSA. The assessor can prioritize identified deviations by risk severity and risk likelihood and provide actionable recommendations for mitigating high-priority risks.

Security Advisory

Risk advisors are guiding their customers on implementation of the most advanced operational security processes and tools to protect cloud environments from cybersecurity attacks. While secure application coding is very important, cloud security posture depends on secure configurations of cloud workloads and security services.

Cloudneeti not only provides visibility into adherence with many security policies, but also the required integration with other tools to enable a closed-loop remediation cycle with auto-remediations where appropriate. Risk advisors can educate their customers that continuous cloud security posture assurance is a must-have for every cloud environment, and Cloudneeti fully supports this functional discipline.

Compliance Advisory

Enterprises in regulated industries require proof of compliance, and their cloud infrastructure should meet all the requirements specified in the respective compliance frameworks, laws, or regulations. Companies spend significant effort collecting the needed compliance evidence from multiple sources with the IT organization. Even when collected, this information quickly becomes outdated. Only continuous cloud compliance assurance can provide accurate up-to-date reports.

Cloudneeti enables continuous compliance assurance with complete visibility into the actual compliance posture. Compliance evidence can be provided to auditors with one mouse click. Risk advisors can incorporate Cloudneeti as part of the necessary compliance assurance process.